ALDEERA’s senior management is comprised of a diverse pool of talented professionals that bring to the table an all-encompassing approach to the investment decision making process.

  Abdulwahab Ahmad Al Nakib (Chairman)

  Mr.Rami Habli (Executive Vice President Of Investments)

  Khaled Magdy El Marsafy (CEO)

Mr. Khaled Magdy El-Marsafy is the General Manager of AL-DEERA Holding (ALDEERA.KSE), a position he assumed since 2005. El-Marsafy is also the Vice Chairman of Univest Group, a company he co-founded in 2001.

Mr. El-Marsafy’s combination of principled management and practical experience in financial markets and investment banking has helped propel AL-DEERA's expansion into the global arena. Since assuming his role as general manager, Mr. El-Marsafy has successfully pursued a strategy of expansion and diversification, culminating in the conclusion of a series of high-profile financing, merger and acquisition deals worth close to $92 million.

El-Marsafy currently serves on the board of several renowned regional and global companies, traversing key economic sectors, including: Chart Group LP, Yotel Investments Ltd, BPL Global Ltd, Kuwait Holding Company, ABC Real Estate Company, Univest Good Food Company International (PCNY), Univest Brokerage Company, Diwan Capital (D1), and Kuwait National Lube Oil Company.

A 17-year veteran with a solid track record in private equity and asset management, El-Marsafy has worked throughout his career with a number of world-class financial institutions, the like of Fletcher Asset Management that resorted to his expertise for the structuring of its multi-sectoral private equity investments endeavors for publicly-traded companies in his capacity as Vice President. Prior to that, he spent 4 years at Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) – New York office serving as Product Manager and Risk Controller of the bank's Equity Trading Group. During his tenure at UBS, El-Marsafy worked closely with all the Equities Group's trading desks, including: Convertible Arbitrage, Option, OTC, Block Trading, Index Trading, Analytical Trading, Risk Arbitrage, Latin America and Distressed Arbitrage. El-Marsafy has also worked in the past with Arab Bank PLC in New York, covering its Private Banking Group's Asset Management and Portfolio management initiatives.

A graduate of University of Hartford, El-Marsafy holds a degree in Business Administration & International Finance. He is a member of the Young Arab Leaders (Dubai Chapter), a network of empowered entrepreneurs acting as catalysts of change in their respective communities. El-Marsafy is also member of the Arab Bankers Association of North America.


  Mr. Yasin Sultan Ali (Financial Manager)

  Maha Abbas (Chief Operating officer – AL-DEERA International Communication)


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